Florida, USA – Scuba Diving in Florida, USA

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Destination Overview – Scuba diving in Florida

Florida State is endowed with an enormous variety of marine life, several miles of coastlines, and various types of dive sites, which makes it the most prominent diving station around the world. For decades now, it has been known as a home to the only natural and living coral reef in the whole of North America. It has also been popular for offering offshore-entry dives, spear fishing, wreck dives, snorkeling and treasure hunting alongside other luxurious activities. While in Florida, you should not miss out on one or more of these diving spots.

Hot Scuba Diving Spots in Florida, USA

Crystal River

Located on the West coast of Florida, it is gifted with both salty and fresh water springs, which offer utmost fascination to Cuba Snorkelers and divers. The river has unique diving spots, such as Kings Bay which is the major diving spot. It is a spacious bay with fresh water springs, where people have fun and engage in exciting dives amongst rock formations, caverns and various fish species. The depths here run up to 18 meters, with a visibility exceeding 24 meters.

The most fascinating marine creatures here are manatees, which are very exciting to dive along. Other creatures that you will expect to see include redfish, garfish and snapper. The average water temperature ranges between 13Â-25Â C.

Other highly rated sights in the neighborhood include World Woods Golf Club which most avid golfers prefer to visit. A similarly interesting ground is the Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park, which provides residence to animals such as alligators, raccoons and black bears.

Shipwreck off the Florida coastline

Gulf Coast

It is located to the West Coast of Florida, an area with lovely coastal islands, a subtropical climate and warm waters. It is such a desirable diving spot, having artificial coral reefs and a dazzling tropical marine life. There are more than 80 artificial coral reef systems located off Sarasota, Lee and Charlotte counties. You may opt for shallow show dives, or take deep dives running up to 34 meters deep.

The summer mostly treats divers to a range of marine life, and without careful attention, you can easily stumble over occasional whales and spotted eagle rays. There is also a good population of lobsters, barracuda, amberjack and hogfish to keep you occupied all through the diving period.

The diving season runs all year round because of the favorable climate, and average temperatures range between 16-28 degrees C. Interesting neighbourhoods that will attract your attention include Crowley Nature Center and Museum, a wildlife sanctuary through which you can enjoy a self-guided tour.

South Florida

Southeast Florida hosts some of the biggest artificial coral reefs in the whole country. Drift diving is the conspicuous sport here. The Gulf Stream is a diving spot which gives a closer approach to the shoreline. There is a gentle current here, which carries you effortlessly alongside rows of mighty coral reefs and clouds of fish species.

Divas have always enjoyed the string of wrecks which runs through Miami and Fort Lauderdale. There is also the Miami wreck trek, which has multiple wreck sites close to one another. The rare sea turtles whales and sharks make South Florida one of the most versatile diving sports in Florida.

The diving season is restricted between May and September, with a temperature of 22Â-25ÂC. Other side-spots include South Beach Miami, with a very sleek architecture. Monkey Jungle on the other hand gives a good option for a jungle Safari, not forgetting the Amazonian Rainforest where you will have a clear watch of the exotic monkeys as they go wild.

Florida Keys

This is a popular and breathtaking destination, ideal for any type of diver. You can have a tour to the area’s ship wrecks, or head straight to the Keys and have an experience of North America’s only living coral reef. There are promising opportunities for underwater photographers too.

The Keys is a vast area of land encompassing Florida Bay, Atlantic Ocean and part of the Gulf of Mexico. Off Marathon Key is the highest rated diving site, a home to corals, hydroids and colorful sponges. The Keys is also a home to marine life, with barracuda and jacks calling this place home.

The diving season here runs all year round, with temperatures shifting between 22-26 degrees C. The neighbourhood is also exciting, where Gatorpark gives visiting divas an opportunity to watch over alligator nests and enjoy all sorts of wildlife.

In general, the natural endowment and long-time experience in diving makes Scuba diving in Florida, USA, a very exciting event.



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