Hawaii, USA – Scuba Diving in Hawaii, USA

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Destination Overview

Hawaii, the ultimate diving destination for stunning underwater sights offers the choicest diving locations and unrivalled experiences for its visitors. Bathed in the crystalline depths of the magnificent Pacific, the depths of Hawaii are tethered by bubbles and kissed by large populations of pristine corals and rainbow colored marine life.

A much favoured destination for scuba divers looking to savour the bounties of an enchanting fantasy world, Hawaii charms with its exotic wonder and brilliance –and in many more ways than one.

Get ready to explore some of the hot dive spots of Hawaii.

Hot Scuba Diving Spots in Hawaii, USA

Black Rock, Pu’u Keka’a

Oft referred to as Black Rock, the best underwater sights in Hawaii can be captured at Pu’u Keka’a. While amateur snorkelers and scuba divers are excited by the fish and corals in the southern precincts of this region, the more experienced love to swim by the more prized catch; present in the unique horseshoe cove, cut deep into the rock.

This dive spot is inhabited by abundant tropical fish, more pristine coral, and the occasional turtle.

Kauai (including Niihau)

Kaua’I, one of the most exciting scuba diving destinations in Hawaii is popular for its 10 prime dive spots. Dotting the northern and southern shores of Kauai, Tunnels Reef, Ke’e Lagoon and Cannons provide shore diving at depths ranging from 12 to 65 feet (in the areas of Ha’ena). These spots are best frequented in summers, when calm oceans bring divers close to exotic underwater species of flora and fauna.

Exciting diving spots on the southern shores of Kaua’I include Brennecke’s Drop-off, Sheraton Caverns and Oasis reef. Advanced divers love to try the challenging deeps of Ni’ihau, where schools of dolphins, monk seals and host of seabirds swarm above the crystalline sea.

Big Island

Scuba diving in Hawaii, USA is surely incomplete without experiencing the enthralling dive spots of Big Island. Present on the leeward coastlines of Kona and Kohala, the best places to go down underwater are at Kailua Pier, Cavern Point, Pine Trees, Refuge and Red Hill.

With their depths ranging from 10 to 130 feet, these dive spots are perfect for amateurs and professional divers alike. Divers love exploring the depths of Big Island to grab a look of the Achilles Tang, Bird Wrasse, Blue spotted Grouper, Blue Carville, Convict Tang, Fantail Filefish, Blue Parrotfish and a host of other tropical species.

Maui (including Molokini Crater)

The islands of Maui are known across the world for their excellent dive sites. Located on the western shores, Olowalu, Honolua Bay and Five Caves are the most popular amongst serious divers.

Four additional dive sites located at depths of 10 to 130 feet can be accessed by a short motorboat ride at Molokini Crater. Located alongside the rim of this sunken volcano, these hot diving spots provide a safe haven to large schools of tame fish and black corals.

Lanai & Molokai

Lana’i boasts of six popular dive sites on its southern coast. Best explored by boat diving, Moloka’i dives are centered on Mokuho’oniki Rock—in the eastern precincts of the island. Ranging from indigenous marine life to rare visitors, the warm waters of Lanai & Molokai are home to some of the finest underwater species. Manta Rays (Hahalua), Spinner Dolphins (Naia) and a variety of corals and other fish are very common in this region.

Oahu Scuba Diving

Wai’anae coastline, Waimea Bay and Maunalua Bay are some of the most interesting dive attractions of Oahu. Along with breathtaking sea panoramic views, this area is also known for its many novice, intermediate and advanced dive sites.

Shark’s Cove is extremely beautiful –both above and below it surface. An integral part of the famous Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District, this diving spot is best known for its shark tours, which are taken in underwater cages. The most popular sightings on the tour include those of gray reef sharks, sandbar sharks Galapagos sharks and hammerhead sharks.

The region boasts of unusual coral reefs which provide world class experiences to snorkelers and divers alike. The region is heavily populated by green sea turtles which love to sun themselves alongside caverns and underwater caves. Lots of playful dolphins can be seen bobbing their noses in the waters of Oahu. Lucky tourists get to spot the humpback whale as well –which is a rare sight indeed!

The underwater wilderness of Hawaii are dictated by unpredictable ocean conditions and high surfs.  Bad weather conditions can make diving risky and not recommended for scuba divers—regardless of their grades. So, remember to remain safe.

Happy scuba diving in Hawaii, USA!



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