Scuba Diving in Croatia, Europe

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Destination Overview – Croatia, Europe

Croatia is one of the hidden gems of Europe, particularly for scuba divers. There is always another diving spot to try out and fresh underwater adventure awaits. This is facilitated by the many islands that the country has. Croatia definitely stands out as being one of the best places you can go scuba diving in Europe. So, enjoy your Maraschino while watching the Croatian Moreska (sword dance), and then explore the underwater life of Croatia off the shores of any one of the Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea.

Splendid diving spots in Croatia

There is lots to explore while scuba diving in Croatia.  The islands of Croatia are varied but all in all you will get an experience like no other regardless of which island you choose. Some of the islands that are popular for scuba diving in the Adriatic Sea are:

• Svetac
• Bisevo
• Vis
• Susac

With a good dive operator, you are bound to have the experience of a lifetime in these serenity-packed dive locations.


Svetac is a beautiful place with an enigmatic atmosphere surrounding it. Legend says that Svetac was the home of Teuta the pirate queen. Her treasure consisting of gold coins and priceless jewelry lies somewhere awaiting to be exhumed. Be that as it may, Svetac stands out as an exceptional diving spot particularly because of the black coral which is quite rare in the region. On some occasions you are likely to spot some monk seals which used to reside in the undersea caves like Puhera but have since moved away. They still do come to the island but rarely.


Vis is a bit far from the mainland. Nonetheless, it still comes highly recommended as the perfect diving spot especially for those fond of visiting wreck sites. A good number of the world wars battles were fought in this region and the remains of some of the machines- ships mostly are very common here. Some of these wreckages have been preserved well and they are accessible to wreck diving enthusiasts. In about 216feet of water it is possible to explore an American B-17 bomber that has been preserved pretty well.

Vis’ southern coast is famed for the many undersea caves that it has. These caves have an abundance of holes in their ceilings through which rays of sunlight penetrate creating spectacular scenery for diver.


Literally translated, Susac means ‘dry island’. Rainfall is quite rare in this island and the number of people living here is significantly low. Even so, Susac is particularly a great diving location for scuba diving in Croatia. The visibility underwater is awe-inspiring as transparency is well over 30meters.

This island is the most captivating of all the Croatian islands mainly because of the underwater cliffs. The Mediterranean gorgonians on this island will mesmerize any diver- you will find them in various shades of orange and yellow. You also get to swim with schools of pink swallowtails, antias and sea perches which are common residents of these waters, swimming over the gorgonians.


Bisevo is probably the most impressive of the Croatian islands. It is no shock that it is also frequented by many a scuba diver. The reefs of Bisevo which are located well below 100 feet are lush with yellow cluster anemones. Marine life is teeming underwater here. You will find thousands of lobsters congregating as conger eels do their rounds. Modra Spilja also known as the Blue Cave is the apex of the island’s tourist attraction. When the sun reaches its acme that is when the cave is at its ultimate beauty. As the sunrays enter the cavern, they are filtered by the water splashing the cave with a picturesque blue appearance- hence the name.

These four islands are just some of the very many locations to go scuba diving in Croatia. They are all very different as some will attract you because of the geological feature they hold while for others the incredible clarity of the water is enough a reason to go diving there. Before you go scuba diving in any part of Croatia make a point of getting a good dive operator who will steer you in the right direction for the ultimate diving experience in Croatia.

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