Scuba Diving in Cyprus, Europe

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Destination Overview – Cyprus, Europe

Cyprus is one of the best scuba diving destinations in Europe. Cyprus offers a wide range of locations where you can scuba dive and where you can spend a wonderful holiday. There are places with a breathtaking fauna and flora waiting to be discovered and admired.  Cyprus has the perfect conditions for scuba diving and is in the top of diving destinations in Europe. Come and unwind in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a melting pot of the cultures of Greece and Turkey. Cyprus’ culture, the landscape with mountains and Mediterranean beaches, the ruins of ancient civilisation are the main attractions of this place.  You will be amazed by the history of this country that dates back 10,000 years. The splendor of places and the nightlife of Cypriot clubs will be a pleasant surprise, and a great place to discuss the days’ diving.

The varied and spectacular art and architecture that includes the castles of Crusaders and  Roman mosaics with beautiful Venetian walls.  Besides these, Cyprus is visited annually by millions of tourists who come here for the wonderful beaches.  The fine sand combined with turquoise crystal clear waters compose a dream landscape. Many scuba diving enthusiasts head here every year. Travellers can find here a rich variety of wildlife, with many species of fish, corals, marine vegetation and shipwrecks lost in the mists of time.

Hot dive spots in Cyprus

The hottest destinations for scuba diving in Cyprus are Paphos , Ayia-Napa and Zenobia.

Ayia Napa

The Ayia Napa name comes from the church with the same name, which is situated there. According to a local legend, a hunter found an icon of the Virgin Mary in a cave.  Then he built a church dedicated to to the Virgin Mary.

Initially, this was a poor fishing village, but after 1975, it became the most important tourist resort and its beaches are the most beautiful on the entire island.  Ayia Napa is frequented by young travellers eager to enjoy a fun-filled holiday.


Paphos or “the place of the gods” is a city on the west coast of Cyprus.According to ancient myth the goddess Aphrodite was born in Paphos. Rich in vegetation, in sandy beaches and dotted with oases of greenery, Paphos is preferred by tourists of all ages.In Paphos you can practice many water sports from sailing to scuba diving.The charming “Coral Bay” is the perfect place for scuba diving in Cyprus or for a relaxing sun bath on the fine sands of the beach.

Zenobia, Larnaca

Those who spend their holiday in Larnaca, can make a sea trip to see Zenobia, a shipwreck which has become a tourist attraction. Today, Zenobia is considered one of the best places for scuba diving in Europe, due to the vast area: the ship can be seen from 15 metres deep and down to 40 metres. It takes several dives to explore the entire wreck. The water visibility is good all year round. The sunken ferry is 178 metres long and weighed 100 tons.

Expect to see

Cyprus is a paradise for scuba diving. Divers can discover an impressive array of scenery with caves, steep walls, reefs and some shipwrecks.The island can be visited all year round.  The visibility in the water is very good and the temperatures are just perfect for scuba diving, particularly in summer.  The marine life is excellent.  The Mediterranean Sea is spectacular with its diversity of species. This area contains around 1,000 species of marine life.

The underwater world of Cyprus is a unique universe that attracts nature lovers and explorers. Scuba diving offers an insight into the underwater world and Cyprus is a great place for all scuba diving enthusiasts.

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