Scuba Diving in Egypt

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Destination Overview: Scuba Diving in Egypt

Egypt offers diverse locations that have enabled scuba diving in the country to open a whole tourism segment while at the same time extending a potential base of explorers. Anytime, taking a giant stride into the Egyptian Red Sea, everywhere you look and in every location you plan to launch your diving, there’s a mind-blogging concentration of marine life. Therefore, Egypt has been unmatched beauty in scuba diving niche as it offers divers with diverse options of doing what they like best at the convenience of the most integrative and equally refreshing waters.

turtle eating jellyfish in Red Sea, Egypt

What to Expect in Egyptian Waters

In Egypt, divers should note that there are a large number of fish that amass in swirling schools and other astonishing variety of both coral and reef species, throughout the amazing Egyptian waters. Egypt has been unparalleled in the scuba diving field with plenty of diverse choices for divers to navigate across. These spots are amazing and allow divers the natural underwater beauty while at the same time enjoying what the varied and sun-filled Egyptian atmosphere and weather has to offer.

Beach in Egypt

Scuba Diving in Egypt – Hot Diving Spots

The Brother Islands

The Brother Islands are spectacular diving spots which are accessible by live aboard and subject to both currents and strong winds. Essentially, known as El Akhawein in Arabic, the islands feature soft corals and are magnificently draped to allow the diver unmatched beauty while doing here and there diving. The extremity of the water on Brother Islands glows well with the prevailing coastal atmosphere projecting a true and equally determined sense of awarding every diver brilliant scuba diving experience. In fact, the combination of the soft coral concentrations with the crystalline blue waters has made Brother Islands one of the best wide angle diving studios across Egypt.

SS Thistlegorm

SS Thistlegorm is possibly the most famous diving destination in the Egyptian Red Sea.  Sunk during WWII, you can explore the train, motorcycles and other vehicles that were sunk when this ship went down.

Silhouettes of scuba divers exploring shipwreck.

Southern Red Sea

Exploring the Southern bounds of the Red Sea offers up plenty of treasures.  Equipped with different offshore islands and particularly in the Southern Red Sea, you will find this a brilliant hotspot for scuba divers, featuring fascinating marine life.

Elphinstone Reef

Elphinstone Reef is dotted by dive boats and divers preparing to swim to the very core of the Red Sea. Year-round, with its stellar clear waters, the Elphinstone Reef is a popular destination, for good reason. Indeed, what makes this location unique is the impressive array of marine life, and the beautiful climate.

Underwater photographer in an underwater cave in Egypt.

Daedalus Reef

Daedalus Reef has been a popular Egypt tourist destination with scuba diving being its major drawcard.  Diving off Daedalus Reef is easily accessible off the mainland offering a perfect halfway stop between the Red Sea diving and the cultural wonders of Egypt.

The Red Sea – Overview

Finally, the Red Sea itself has unmatched diving beauty. The Red Sea in Egypt is easily accessible by high speed boats. The diversity of the marine life in the Egyptian Red Sea make it an all-time favourite for local and international explorers. This is increasingly broadening the reputation of Egypt in offering exclusive scuba diving solutions to divers.

Scuba diving in Egypt allows you to visit and explore a whole new world of the underwater realm. The Unmatched Beauty of Scuba Diving in the Egyptian Red Sea will be something to cherish for many years to come.

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