Scuba Diving in Malta, Europe

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Destination Overview

Malta is a renowned tourist destination. The country is located strategically on the Mediterranean Sea shore and enjoys pleasant weather all year round. Malta is famous for its islands and white sandy beaches and clear waters. The three islands that make up the Republic of Malta are Malta, Gozo, and Comino. There are also other uninhabited islands that are part of Malta i.e. Filfla, Cominotto, and St.Paul. The islands therefore provide some awesome diving locations and as such have put Malta on the map as a top European diving destination. The Maltese Islands’ distinctive feature is the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea that are clear and excellent for scuba diving. These islands make scuba diving in Malta an excellent experience and give scuba diving a unique touch.

Wreck Diving in Malta

Brief facts about Malta

The average depth in the Maltese Islands’ diving sites range from between 13 to 130 feet and the visibility on an average day is between 100 and 130 feet. It should be noted that the waters are normally very clear and thus the reason for the exceptional visibility. In fact, Malta has repeatedly been voted as one of the best diving destinations. Due to its warm climate, the water temperatures are fairly warm throughout the year and as such, diving season is all through the year. However, it is important to note that diving in Malta is regulated and there are strict rules as to the operation for the provision of dive services. One should therefore insist that their service provider is properly certified to avoid inconveniencies and for their own safety and well being.

Hot Dive Spots in Malta

There are many spots in the Maltese Islands that are famous for scuba diving. The Maltese government has gone to lengths to ensure that tourists have the best scuba diving experience. There are several wrecks and World War II planes that were sunk so as to provide divers with a breathtaking experience when scuba diving there.

Um el Faroud Wreck

There are many ships wrecks that have become awesome diving sites. One of the most notable ones is the Um el Faroud wreck. The ship is mostly intact and the doors and windows were removed before it was sunk in 1998 as a dive site. The ship provides an excellent exploration tool in the hands of the inquisitive diver. The wreck has attracted a lot of fish including barracudas as well as a host of other pelagic fish.

The Rozi Tug boat

The Rozi Tug boat is among the many dive sites in the Maltese Islands that is revered by diving enthusiasts. The tugboat was sunk in 1991 to provide a diving attraction.

Despite the many manmade diving sites, there are also many diving sites that Mother Nature gave this nation.

The Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is a world renowned diving site that supersedes its reputation. The site is a combination of a blue hole and azure waters. The site has a unique blend of sea creature of every size including large fish as well as tiny creatures that all use the reefs as their habitat. The site gives you an experience that is like no other. Like many sites in Malta, one must have a certain qualification or certification so as to dive in these sites. Diving in the Blue Hole for instance, requires one to have an open water certification.

Lantern Point

Lantern Point is yet another diving site that provides for an exhilarating dive. The site is a mix of all extremes in diving. Here, one will find breath taking swim throughs and large boulders that host a wide array of marine life. The average depth in this site is about 20 or so metres.

Malta has its share of iconic dives too.

The Madonna

The Madonna for instance is among Malta’s most popular diving site. The statue is located in a small cave. The Madonna statue was placed there by local divers so that the Madonna may look after the divers as well as protect them. Another enchanting site is the Statue of Christ. The statue raises up his arms to the sky and provides a unique diving experience that can’t be matched anywhere. The list of diving sites in Malta is endless and compiling one would be a laborious task. One thing is for sure though; there is something for everyone in Malta. From the least experienced diver to the professional diver, there’s something for everyone in Malta.

Expect to see

The Maltese Islands boast of exquisite flora and sauna in its reefs and diving sites. The diving sites are unique and large in their numbers. The sites are designed to tickle every diver’s fancy. The sites also boast of sea creatures that will make for an interesting dive. Barracudas are often lurking around the next corner. Fish that frequent Maltese waters include: groupers, parrotfish, cardinal fish, and the flying Gurnard. Other animals that can be found in the caves include octopus, eels, and moray eels just to mention but a few. In summer, expect to see seahorses and in winter, John Dory. The abundance of flora and fauna makes scuba diving in Malta a worthwhile experience that everyone should tryout. Malta is an ideal location for all diving enthusiasts.

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