Scuba Diving in Mozambique, Africa

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Destination Overview

Whether you’re a serious Scuba diver, Big Game fisherman , beach lover, fearless backpacker, surfer or keen birdwatcher Mozambique is ready to welcome and amaze you.


Medjumbe Island, Mozambique

This is only one of many islands that make up the Quirimbas Archipelago in northern Mozambique, close to the St Lazarus Banks. This island is most notable for its exclusivity and privacy. Scuba divers will enjoy the underwater vertical drop offs, some of them up to 400m.  Expect to see som large pelagic fish in these waters. Of course, when you’re not underwater, you can also go windsurfing, sailing, bird watching, go on a sunset cruise or kick back under a palm tree with a cocktail and while the hours away.

Coastline of Inhabame

Whilst the capital Maputo may look like any other developing African city, tropical paradise lies not far to the north on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The coastline of Inhabame is spectacular, renowned for its’ natural beauty. Mozambique has 2700 km of coastline in total and the warm, nutrient-rich waters carried there by the powerful Argyles current make the marine ecosystems some of the richest in the world.

Alive and rich with charm, the township of Inhambane is a living museum town, dotted with street cafes, colourful markets and dhow plying their trade in the warm waters of the bay.

Hot Dive Spots

Tofinho Point, Mozambique

Tofinho Point, is definitely not for beginners. It is a rock ledge set up, that wraps around a headland. The wave breaks just off the ledge, onto sand and follows the shape off the ledge making it a very hollow wave, especially on low tide (it loves the spring tides).

Gul’s Point

Just down from there is Gul’s Point – another quality right hander for the surfers out there that actually links up on a calm day to Tofinho Point.  This is an amazing, deep scuba dive.

Tofo Beach

Heading about a kilometre north to the next bay brings us to the main beach of Tofo. A long bay with tapered swells heading in, which is protected from the southerly wind and swell and so makes this venue perfect for scuba diving.

The under sea world is clean and gentle with gradual banks getting bigger as you go north out of the bay – an ideal spot for beginners.  The diving is seasonal, the peak being over winter (May-August), but there is always a steady flow of waves all year round. The water is amazingly warm and dolphins often frequent the break under the sea.

Reaching Inhabame town bus-stop, a short ride in a Chapa (mini-bus style taxi) will provide – far less hairy – transport nearby resort of Tofo. The only hint that humans have been here before is a small building dubiously labelled Internet Café’ and a friendly backpackers.

Besides this, Tofo consists of a small market and stretches of sand with the horizon only interrupted by palm trees or a curve in the dunes. Sunset is transformed from a daily (and often unnoticed) event into a spectacle as the light merges with the coast and open landscape to produce a rainbow spread of colours. As there is no light pollution here, the darkness is just as fascinating and lit by more stars than city-dwellers would be able to imagine.

There is no need, however, to simply relax on the beach as there are plenty of activities on offer. Locals offer boat trips where lucky visitors can spot hump-back whales and there are a range of diving and snorkeling businesses. The coast is populated not only with some fabulous corals but also with whale sharks and dolphins. Swimming among these fabulous creatures offers a final layer to paradise.

Other activities include fishing , horse-riding on the beach, quad bike trails, Sunset Dhow sailing, Lighthouse snorkelling and much more! Relaxed and intimate, Turtle Cove is a great place to make a few new friends. It has a unique and friendly atmosphere and continues to be popular with travellers and those people looking for a touch of adventure and the untamed.

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