Scuba Diving in New Caledonia

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Destination Overview

Several islets make up the archipelago of New Caledonia which is located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, about 750 miles east of Australia. This archipelago consists of the main island of Grande Terre, the Loyalty Island, the Isle of Pines and a few other isolated islets. French is the official language in New Caledonia and the local community is widely known for its generosity. It is said that the New Caledonians are the most generous of the peoples of south pacific islands. With a rich history in Scuba diving, New Caledonia offers scuba divers a good opportunity to display their diving skills. Dotted with several diving hot spots which include Noumea, Ouvea, and the Isle of Pines, the coast of New Caledonia is surely one of the best scuba diving destinations you can find.

Moray eel

Hot Dive Spots


Noumea, on the island of Grand Terre, is the administrative capital of the French territory of New Caledonia. Noumea is well developed with state of the art modern hotels, restaurants and several other tourist attraction sites. The Michel Corbasson Forest Park that offers visitors rare bird views and unique tree species is the mainly sought after tourist attraction site in Noumea. There are also great scenic views over the lagoon in this park. Scuba diving is also taking shape as more people come to this tiny island looking for exceptional marine life.

The Islet of Pine

The Islet of Pine offers you a great scenic underwater view of the sea water life. This islet is probably one of the best diving destination to visit in New Caledonia.There are also several dive resorts and centers in Nouvea all with the collective aim of increasing the number of Scuba divers visiting this town.

School of yellow goatfish


Ouvea is increasingly becoming a major diving destination thanks to the increasing numbers of dive resorts developed in the area. Visiting this place offers divers a unique opportunity to develop their diving skills. The local inhabitants generosity also make Ouvea a place to visit and have fun in. You will surely enjoy your stay here.

Destination Summary

Depth: The depth of the dive sites vary by location, with the outlying islets such as the Islet of Pines having a rather deep drop off sites than other locations.

Currents: The currents in most of these areas range from non existent to strong depending on the location of the site.

Visibility: The far-off islets such as the Islet of Pines have a rather good visibility as compared to the destinations. With the fantastic water visibility, ranging from 5 to 50 meters or 20 to 140 feet in most of the scuba diving sites in New Caledonia.

Water Temperature: Water temperatures range from 26 -30 degrees centigrade in most diving sites in New Caledonia. The actual water temperatures vary depending on the location of the diving site.

Weather: The general climate of New Caledonia is tropical, with hot and humid periods from November to March. This makes this period the most conducive for Scuba diving.

Dive Season: With a year-round tropical climate, scuba diving in New Caledonia is fantastic all year round.

Access: The airport in Noumea acts as the main destination for visiting other areas of New Caledonia. You can also reach many of these sites by local ferries and boats.

Skill level: This is a perfect destination to sharpen your diving skills, since persons with different skill levels are known to frequently use the New Caledonia diving sites.

Featured Creature include: Sea turtles, The Endemic Kagu, Amborella dugongs and sea reefs.

Language: French.

Currency: CFP Franc.

Major Airports: Tontouta International Airport in Noumea.

Religion: Mostly Roman Catholic.

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