Scuba Diving in Spain, Europe

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Destination Overview

Spain offers more than 4000km of coastline which makes the country a perfect spot for diving. The most experienced divers share many experiences with beginners. This happens because it’s a rewarding and fine place for practicing this activity. By combining sport and adventure, Scuba diving in Spain is a world famous option with great variety of rewards. The Mediterranean, in the south of Spain offers an experience considered as breathtaking for all those who have the opportunity of visiting and the whole country has something for each individual.

Moray Eel

Hot Dive Spots in Spain


The tropical coast of Granada hosts, among many other marvels this magical diving place. The area is comprised of 8 diving sites. Among these spots you will be able to find Marina del Este, Punta de la Mona, Cantarrijan and Tres Picos. Many people choose this place for taking a well-deserved diving vacation. Open water and shore diving are just some of the amenities you will be able to find along with a variety of courses.


Do you want to explore wrecks and perhaps go inside some submarine caves? If your answer is yes then Menorca is the place for you. Along a beautiful and hypnotizing coastline you will be able to find a great variety of courses and many offer options, Scuba diving in Spain is always exhilarating.

Cabo de Gata

A fishing village named Las Negras is located in Cabo de Gata, named as Nijar Natural Park. The place is a top rated spot to pursue watersports such as diving and snorkeling.

Costa Azahar

This popular place is comprised with 8 diving spots. Among these places you will be able to find the world famous island Columbrettas, which is located near the Oropesa area.

Costa Tropical

Sometimes the joy of diving is not shared by all family members of friends, but what if you could find a spot where everybody’s needs are covered? When you search for Scuba diving in Spain, Costa Tropical might be the place just for you. Almuñécar, Motril, Salobreña, Nerja, La Herradura and Calahondra have the charm to provide you with underwater entertainment. With a variety of watersports it is situated near the Málaga and Granada airports, therefore it is an accessible area.


Some people might prefer a place where English is spoken at most places, even when the official language is Spanish. Alcudia is known for having a large set of options when it comes to languages and foreign instructors. You can find facilities such as heated training pools and classrooms. You can find diving sites in Nerja, Tarifa and Torreblanca reef.

Costa del Sol

As one of the most popular diving sites anywhere, Costa del Sol is famous for breathtaking scenarios inside and outside the water. Benalmadena, Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Marbella are situated in the center of this world renowned zone. You will be able to find training for beginners or lessons for expert divers along with a buoyant diver culture and facilities.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava is located around the area of Medes Islands Nature Reserve in Estartit. When it comes to Scuba diving in Spain it has a wide range of places to choose from. Dramatic underwater scenarios can be found between its 2 different coastal types and relatively virgin diving sites.

Costa Blanca

Last but not least, Costa Blanca is divided by a north and south side. You will be able to find the area of La Marina/Santa Pola which is located 30 minutes from Alicante with reef diving and shipwrecks. The island of Tabarca is extremely popular even when it requires a special diving permit. Other fantastic spots in this area are La Manga, Murcia and Cabo de Palos.

Expect to see

It is important to notice that Geological formations and visibility are great in all places when engaging in Scuba diving in Spain without exception. In Costa del Sol you will be able to find a variety of marine species such as wrasse, moray eels, soft corals, octopi and scorpion fish. The Atlantic Coast can be considered as less developed when it comes to tourism; perhaps due to the fact its waters are colder. Places like San Sebastian and La Coruna can be found in this part of the Spanish coastline.

In the Canaries and the Balearic Tenerife is the main place for diving. Sharks, stingrays, octopi and Barracudas can be seen underwater. Scuba diving in Spain is fantastic because you will be able to see shipwrecks and an astounding variety of sea life and underwater formations along with countless options for deep diving.

Spanish Laws state you have to be at least 16 years old to dive, although some locations only pay lip service to these laws, adequate insurance should always be taken into account.

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